Homes evacuated following mill collapse in Stalybridge

Words by Gary Carter

PART of a mill has collapsed after three floors gave way on Friday evening.

Emergency Services at the scene of Oakwood Mill in Stalybridge

People living in Millbrook found themselves at the centre of a major incident when part of the wall at Oakwood Mill on Grenville Street tumbled to the floor.

Four homes were evacuated after fire, police and ambulance crews flocked to the scene after the incident.

Parts of the Grade II listed building collapsed under the weight of the roof giving way but the majority of the structure remains standing.

The three-storey building was built as a specialised spinning mill for the Staley Mill Company but is believed to have been vacant for several years.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service used a drone to hover over the top and examine the extent of the damage caused by the collapse.

And the scene, with much of the brickwork that fell believed to be largely in the mill’s yard, will shortly be made safe.

Three floors in Oakwood Mill collapsed on Friday evening.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: “Police were contacted by a member of the public to reports of a building collapse at Oakwood Mill.

“The collapse was inside of the building.

“No-one was injured. Police initially attended and then the Technical Response Unit arrived as a precaution to ensure the structure was safe.”

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  1. It was falling to bits when I lived in Millbrook in the ’90s, and there was a major fire. Kids get in there, and a building in such a dangerous state could cause fatalities. Why hads it been allowed to get in this state? Do the owners not think they have a responsibility to the local community to make their property safe? And where are TMBC in all this? They could seize the building by using a vesting declaration, but they are too slow, dull and unimaginative to do anything. It took the old CooP/Nightclub buildings in Armentieres Square to fall down with luckily no fatalities, before any action was taken, and they allow the so-called “developer” of the former clinic to block a well-used footpath and leave a mound of rubble on a prime town-centre site. They are useless!

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