And then there were five- Stalybridge snooker league rocked

STALYBRIDGE Snooker League has been rocked by the resignation of St George’s.
It is the end of an era as St George’s, who played at St Peter’s Club, Stalybridge, had been members for more than 30 years.
The current St George’s team is new St George’s and they rejoined the league around the mid-1980s. The original team was part of the league’s early history and were snooker league champions in 1937/38.
In fact over the past 30 years the current team has won every team competition and in Michael Davies boasted one of the league’s longest serving players.
Week 17 saw Hyde Snooker Club play Stalybridge Labour Club, Mossley B face St George’s and St Peter’s take on Mossley A while there was a rearranged match between St George’s and Mossley B.
In the Thursday matches, there were 4-1 wins for both Mossley clubs while Hyde SC beat Stalybridge Labour 3-2. In the card league, there were wins for Mossley A and St George’s. On the following evening St George’s beat Mossley B 3-2 but did not have time to play the cards.
All these results now mean that with three matches to go, Mossley A were seven points clear of Hyde SC in the snooker league, but Hyde have a game in hand.
In the cards league both Mossley clubs tied at the top with 16 points but Mossley B had a game in hand. St George’s are one point behind with two games in hand.
The next week saw St Peter’s play Mossley B, Stalybridge Labour take on St George’s and Mossley A play Hyde SC. There was still one match to be arranged and that was Hyde SC against St George’s.
In the snooker league, there were 3-2 wins for St Peter’s and Mossley A and Stalybridge Labour beat St George’s 5-0 because they only had two players. They lost both matches and forfeited the other three. There were card wins for both Mossley clubs.
These now mean that Mossley A are eight points clear of Hyde Snooker who have a game in hand and in the card league. Both Mossley clubs are now tied on 18 points with Mossley Bs game in hand still to be played.
This would normally be the end of this week’s activity but after their match with Stalybridge Labour, St George’s announced their withdrawal from the league.
An extraordinary general meeting took place on February 8, instead of the rearranged match between Hyde SC and St George’s, and their resignation was discussed with the emphasis on how the league should go forward now with only five teams.
The leagues needed to be changed and Mossley A still led Hyde Snooker by eight points in the snooker league but in the card league the impact of the changes meant Mossley B now have 22 points with one game to play and Mossley A have finished on 20 points. This means Mossley B will be card league champions at the end of the season.
The penultimate league matches saw Mossley B play Hyde SC and Mossley A play at Stalybridge Labour. St Peters had a free week due to St George’s resignation. Mossley A lost 4-1 to Stalybridge Labour, but Hyde Snooker also lost to Mossley B 3-2 in the snooker league and Mossley B lost to Hyde Snooker in the card league.
In the snooker league, Mossley A, having completed all their matches, now lead Hyde SC by seven points. Hyde Snooker have only one match left so effectively Mossley A are champions.
In the card league Mossley B, having played all their card games are also champions, as they lead Mossley A by two points at the top of the league.



Mossley A 20 17 3 66

Hyde Snooker 19 14 5 59

Mossley B 19 7 12 50

St Peter’s 19 8 11 46

Stalybridge Labour 16 3 13 22



Mossley B 16 10 2 4 22

Mossley A 16 10 0 6 20

St Peter’s 15 6 2 7 14

Hyde Snooker 15 3 0 10 10

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