Plans in progress for new hospital car parks

PLANS are driving forward to increase car parking for Tameside General Hospital.

Plans are driving forward for two new car parks for Tameside Hospital

Two new car parks are on course for completion this year, offering around 260 additional places.
And there are plans in the pipeline for two further sites that would offer a further 112 parking places.
It was back in March 2017 that the Tameside Council’s Strategic Planning and Monitoring Panel revealed plans to create around 500 car parking spaces in and around the hospital.
They identified new car parking sites that would increase car parking provision to the hospital and Stamford Park.
The report stated the formation of new car parks would “help to alleviate existing issues with on-street parking in the surrounding residential side streets”.
It added the cost of creating the five car parks would be £950,000, but it would pay for itself in around two years, after which it would generate around £440,000 annually.
The report added agreement was still needed with the hospital trust regarding the sharing of costs and proceeds of investment.
Tameside Council has just confirmed there are currently approved plans for two new car parks.
The first site – with 230 spaces – is at Darnton Road on the opposite side of the boating lake to the existing car park and is due to open around June 2018.
The second site – with approximately 30 spaces – is on Mellor Road with access via Mossley Road and is due to open around September 2018.
Planning approvals and licence agreements are being pursued for two further sites, both on Mellor Road, to provide around a further 112 spaces.
A Tameside Council spokesperson said: “Since Strategic Planning and Monitoring Panel meeting in March 2017 discussed increasing the car parking around Tameside Hospital, our engineers have surveyed several sites and have received planning permission to commence works on land close to Stamford Park Boating Lake and hope to commence works in the near future.”

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  1. Hi,
    Have sent an email to Mr Reynold’s concerning Tameside Hospitals continued charging of the relatives of the sick and vunerable. This is another of the Councils bright ideas to make the constiuents of this MP suffer. I now read in his ‘News Roundup’ that the Council are hoping to introduce more Car Parks for the Hospital and the General Public will have to pay for them. No doubt they will have a ready made answer to the query along the lines that ‘it will ease congestion around the Hospital’. Again the people of Tameside will have to pay the bill. This kind and thoughtful MP has refused to email me any longer about this subject and this Council who have been in power since 1974 are unable or do not wish to look after the sick and vunerable of the borough. So much for the Labour slogan of looking after ‘The many not the Few’ a quote that was used in Athens the birthplace of Democracy by Pericles 2000 years ago approx so much for it’s originalty.

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