Metrolink extension to Stalybridge could be on cards says MP

STALYBRIDGE MP Jonathan Reynolds has confirmed transport bosses are contemplating extending the Metrolink tram service to Stalybridge.

A tram serving Oldham and Rochdale like the one which could be extended into Stalybridge

Currently, Metrolink’s 3B line terminates in Ashton, approximately 100 metres from the train station.

Posting on his Facebook page Mr Reynolds writes: “I am very pleased to receive this letter from Transport for Greater Manchester.

“I have been pushing for the extension of Metrolink from Ashton to Stalybridge for some time now, because it would boost our economy and improve local connections and job opportunities.

“I’m interpreting this letter as a cautious confirmation that if TfGM can make the case for the resource, trams for Stalybridge could be on the cards.

“I’ll keep campaigning til we get to ride on the first one!”

The letter, signed by Simon Warburton, TfGM’s transport strategy director, says: “Amongst a range of alternative transport solutions, options that are being explored include an extension of the current Metrolink line from Ashton-under-Lyne to Stalybridge.

“We are keen to ensure that our thinking closely aligns with the current work being undertaken by Tameside MBC on the redevelopment of Stalybridge town centre.

“This work is at a very early stage and I anticipate we will begin to review this and other options with GMCA members over the coming months in preparation for an updated 2040 Strategy Delivery Plan which we aim to publish this summer.”

At this stage there is no indication whether the tram extension would be a road-based scheme, as is the rest of the line into Manchester Piccadilly, or if it would be incorporated alongside the existing train track to Stalybridge station.


4 Replies to “Metrolink extension to Stalybridge could be on cards says MP”

  1. Great idea…. Not.

    Hasn’t it redirected the customers away from Droylsden town centre to Manchester.

    Who would want to ride the tram when the train is much quicker to Manchester and buses to Ashton are regular?

    Do MP’s and Tameside planning department consider the real world?

  2. Needs some thing doing in stalybridge ,I’ve been here 10 years now and not seen any investment ,it’s a shame as it lost its market ,the old baths town hall ,cinama ,cids leasure ,ect ect things keep getting taken away that meant something and nothing putting back ,the cinama was beatiful with its Pullman seats ect such a bloody shame while othere parts of tameside as seen huge investments ,personly I love stalybridge it as so much potential to be a small lovely market town like it once was it could be made a lovely place to for people from outside the bourogh to visit ,like the likes of upper mill ,and even berry market .if planned properly in the wright hands ,but in the wrong hands could be a disaster .the decline of stalybridge as to stop some wair or there be nothing left here .change is great in the wright taste we need to keep what we have and make it more beatiful that’s what I think anyway if we do get the trams could we have old looking ones to fit in with the town to keep some heritage now that would be great and a market and lovely shops ,ect in this day and age with investment ,vistion anything is posable .

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