Are unsightly bins spoiling Stalybridge?

THE gateway to Stalybridge is blighted by huge industrial refuse bins according to a Stalybridge councillor.


Some of the bins along Market Street, Stalybridge

Cllr Doreen Dickinson says the bins outside premises on Market Street are unsightly and don’t portray the town in a good light.

She explained: “Anybody arriving by train in Stalybridge would come along Market Street to the town centre, and the sight of industrial refuse bins creates a terrible impression of the town.

“They also smell when it is a warm day.

“We are trying to improve the town with initiatives like Andy Burnham’s Town Centre Challenge, but things like this don’t portray Stalybridge in a good light.

“You don’t want the main street in the town full of bins. It needs sorting and would cost little to do.”


Cllr Dickinson believes the bins don’t portray Stalybridge in a good light

Cllr Dickinson says Tameside Council has a duty to resolve the issue by forcing traders and homeowners to put the bins elsewhere.

She explained that if premises cannot facilitate big bins then they should make alternative arrangements with traders for smaller bins or black bags that can be stored elsewhere.

“Without wanting to be snobbish, but you wouldn’t see these industrial bins on the high street in Uppermill or Altrincham,” she said.

Cllr Dickinson has recently taken photographs of the offending bins and sent them to Kevin Garside, Tameside Council’s neighbourhood officer.

She continued: “I have been writing to Tameside Council for the last 12 months, but nobody has taken action.

“If nothing is done, I will bring up the matter again and continue doing so until it is sorted out.”


Tameside Council will send somebody out to investigate

A Tameside Council spokesman said: “We can only advise residents and businesses.

“All bins should be placed for collection on the relevant day and then returned to their premises after collection has taken place.

“We will ask an inspector to visit Market Street to assess the situation.”

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