BNI blossoming in Stalybridge

BUSINESSMAN Luke Sugden has been blown away with the support for the formation of a Stalybridge chapter of British Network International.


The British Network International is now in Stalybridge

An initial meeting to gauge interest was held at Stalybridge Celtic Football Club and attracted 32 businesses.

“I had been hoping for a decent turnout of about 20 businesses, but to get 32 was beyond my expectations,” explained Luke who has local companies LCS Building Services and Enki Wetrooms and Bathrooms.

Luke added: “I have been a member of the Oldham group for the last six-and-a-half years, and the only reason I joined them was because there wasn’t a chapter any nearer.

“There is definitely interest in Stalybridge and after the meeting 11 wanted to sign up.

“A new group set up on the Oldham/Rochdale border and recently publicised its 15th member, and we haven’t begun yet.”

Luke is hoping to launch the Stalybridge chapter within the next couple of months.

He says the global networking organisation, set up 32 years ago, has been “massively successful” for his businesses.
Luke said: “As a builder you would assume I would get most of my work from architects.

“But surprisingly most of it comes from a lady cake maker from her conversations with her female clients.”

BNI chapters only allow one business for each sector and, as there were more than one for a number of fields, a selection process will take place.

The next meeting is on April 6 at Stalybridge Celtic.

Any businesses who would like to get involved can contact Luke on: 07883 076157.

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