Katy campaigns for cultural boost

KATY Flanagan, Labour candidate for Stalybridge South, is campaigning for Stalybridge to become the cultural hub of Tameside.


Katy Flanagan outside Stalybridge Library

She has launched an online petition to lobby for increased opening hours for Stalybridge Library and Astley Cheetham Art Gallery that is in the same building.

Katy explained: “I am campaigning for a better experience for our young people, for our regular library users and to bring cultural services and events to Stalybridge. As a mum it’s really important to me.

“I know, as someone who grew up in Stalybridge, the library should be at the heart of our town and not left behind.

“I don’t believe that books are just words on a page – they are about a shared experience, shared knowledge and sharing culture.

“That is why I am campaigning on behalf of my children, every other young person and all other library users for an increase in staffed opening hours and also to utilise Astley Cheetham Art Gallery.

“While I am aware some may proclaim the virtues of the Kindle, I am a firm believer books are best and technology should only ever be a second point of reference for our young people.”

Katy is also keen for Tameside Council to transfer cultural services from Ashton to Stalybridge.

She continued: “I am asking for the transfer initially during the remaining building works in Ashton, but also following this period.

“I want our town centre to be a vibrant cultural hub, offering something for visitors and young people at all times.

“I want to ensure our library and Astley Cheetham Art Gallery are used to their full potential, and I know this is a wish of many others in Stalybridge.

“I’ve had a lot of support for my campaign from across Stalybridge.

“I’d like to thank all of those who have signed the petition and if you would like to learn more you can do so via facebook.com/stalybridgesouth”

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