Stalybridge bingo player hits the jackpot with £50,000 win

ONE lucky Stalybridge bingo player received an unexpected boost to her regular Friday afternoon at the club when she called house for a life-changing £50,000 jackpot on the National Bingo Game.

Cosmo Bingo, Stalybridge

The 76-year-old, who was playing on her own, is a regular at Cosmo Bingo, Stalybridge, and has asked to remain anonymous.

While playing at the afternoon session, all her numbers came up as she scooped the top prize of £50,000 as well as the club prize for the game.

She could not believe her luck and is still a little shocked by the win. She was thinking of splashing some of her winnings on a nice holiday.

Mark Collier, duty manager at Cosmo Bingo Stalybridge, said: “There was a tremendous atmosphere in the club when the lucky customer shouted house after just 15 numbers had been called.

“Everybody waited with anticipation for the claim to be checked and reacted with a rapturous round of applause when the caller confirmed a valid win for both the club prize and the £50,000 Jackpot.

“With the game still fairly new, it’s tremendous to have a £50,000 winner at Cosmo. Our members have always been big supporters of national bingo game and it is fantastic seeing the new game off to a great start here in Stalybridge.”

Alastair Stewart, business development manager at the National Bingo Game, said: “We are thrilled for our lucky £50,000 jackpot winner at Cosmo Stalybridge and hope that she enjoys her winnings, and of course the planned super holiday.

“We love making winners: this is our 11th £50,000 Jackpot winner on the new National Bingo Game in less than two months.”

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