Books of support for fire fighters and soldiers set up in Stalybridge

Words by Gary Carter

PEOPLE in Stalybridge can give thanks to the people who have fought the devastating moorland fire.

Books left by Cllr Liam Billington at Tesco in Stalybridge

Councillor Liam Billington came up with the idea of leaving two books – one red, one blue – at the town’s Tesco supermarket for ‘thank you’ notes to be collected.

Piles of hats, sun cream, insect repellent and water have already been donated to fire fighters and troops who have been tackling the blaze, which started at Buckton Hill above Carrbrook.

Now over the next month, others can leave a note of appreciation for the efforts that have been made over the past week.

“I live in Stalybridge town centre and it’s been bad here with the smoke, so everyone’s had the effects and everyone is concerned,” said Stalybridge South councillor Billington.

“That’s why I wanted to do something to say thank you. It could’ve been a lot worse if the fire service had not acted.

“But not everyone can afford to donate money, so the books are a chance for people to show their gratitude in another way.

“It’s one red one for the fire service, which will go to Stalybridge Fire Station, and another one blue for the Army, which will be taken up to Catterick.

“I wanted something where the community can come together and give its thanks in its own way and people can write messages of support.

“I’m really grateful for what they have done.”

The books can be found at the customer service desk at Tesco in Stalybridge. Ask staff there is you can sign and they will pass them to you.

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