A fond farewell to Ida

THE funeral of 100-year-old Ida Duffy at St Ann’s Roman Catholic Church, Ashton, was a celebration of her long life.

Ida Duffy pictured prior to death celebrating her 100th birthday with family and friends

Ida died on June 6 at Millbrook Care Home, almost three months after reaching her landmark birthday.

Father Simon Firth recounted: “It must be something to do with the waters in these parts.

“We have buried four people aged 99 and Ida was the only one to get to 100.

“It was a privilege to be with her on her 100th birthday and get one of her kisses.”

Father Simon added Ida had only become a Catholic 16 years ago, though she attended mass every week for years before then.


In memory of Ida Duffy

He continued: “Amid so much change and adaptation, it was not without pain and suffering, but she had steadfast faith.

“Ida was a woman who was caring and hard working and, even when losing sight, always had a smile.

“When I visited her for a cup of tea, she had no trouble getting up three flights of stairs. She was not an old lady until her last days when she was fading.”

Nephew Graham Bushell gave a tribute in which he praised her “strength and tenacity” during challenging times in the 1930s and the Second World War.

Ida left son David, stepdaughters Margaret Roper and Barbara Ashton, five grandchildren, eight grand-children and one great-greatchild.

And Graham added she had a calendar with birthdays ringed for every relative so she could send birthday cards.

He also mentioned Ida had been a Sunday School teacher and Brown Owl while also did charity work for Leonard Cheshire Homes, manning their stall at Ashton market and she was also involved with the Young at Heart Club at St Ann’s Church.

Graham added Ida will continue to be an inspiration to many in the years ahead.

Ida celebrated her 100th birthday in mid-March with son David and his wife Hilary, granddaughter Clare and her sons Ethan and Ryan travelling from their homes in Canada while there was a visit from Civic Mayor Cllr Joyce Bowerman and her consort husband Fred.

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