Motorcycle meet up was a triumph

ON A SUNNY Sunday afternoon, Stalybridge Motorcycle Club hosted its annual bike show to raise money for the Armoury Trust.

Bikers young and old from across Greater Manchester gathered in and around Stalybridge Civic Hall to celebrate the event.

At the civic hall were the dedicated members of the motorcycle club who had also brought along their bikes to share with fellow enthusiasts.

The whole area was bustling with activity from the farmers market to the low hum of motorbike engines and conversation.

A Lancaster Bomber also made a surprise appearance flying overhead.

Inside the civic hall was an array of bikes that represented their respective rider.

From small colourful scooters, to big boisterous Harleys and an MV Agusta estimated to be worth more than £750,000.

Each bike inside the civic hall was up for an award while visitors and fellow bikers were all given the chance to vote for their favourite bike.

Club founder Bob Taylor, 71, handed out the trophies to the winners. He was instrumental in brokering peace between the Mods and Rockers during the 1960s. In Bob’s words “All together as one, with two wheels”.

There was also a trophy dedicated to late member Paul Longmire called the Shinto Trophy.

When Paul joined the club, his father was worried about the stereotypes around bikers and that he might get into trouble when he joined.

It was a great comfort to his father when he discovered that the club was a place that helped Paul grow and to see him work so hard for charity and the community, influenced him to dedicate the trophy to his son.

Every year, the member who has shown the values that Paul lived by, is awarded the trophy, this year’s winner was the club’s vice president Den Whittaker.

Of the successful day, Den said: “There were 50 exhibits and more 460 people came through the doors.

“Feedback was all positive, people had a good time. Old friends came together and swapped stories and experiences they had had.

“It’s a social thing, as well showing off their gleaming bikes.”

At the heart of the event was the club’s desire to tirelessly raise money for charity. And no matter how much money was raised on the day, the club will always make sure charities get something.

“Whether we made a profit or a loss, we always pledge at least £200 to the charities,” Den concluded.

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