Breathe easy!

A GP has revealed the moorland fires resulted in an increase in patients with respiratory issues from smoke inhalation.

Dr Richard Bircher, from Lockside Medical Centre, treated asthma sufferers and others who have breathing difficulties.

Dr Richard Bircher

He said: “We saw more patients than normal, but it was not as bad as we thought it would be. Thankfully we had no serious issues.

“In the first five days we saw more patients, but after that it petered out.

“We have a background of dealing with patients with chest problems as the air quality is not good in the area, but the fires created a little extra work.”

Dr Bircher added as a local GP he was proud how the community came together in adversity.

He said: “They were caring for each other, something we saw with the food and water given to the firefighters.

“The children next door at St Paul’s Primary were asked what they wanted to do in their golden time at school.

“They asked to make thank you cards for the firefighters which I thought was very sweet.”

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