Try out something new at holistic hub

SARAH England is hoping to create a hub for a holistic approach to fitness at her dance school in Stalybridge.

She is collaborating with David Bailey and Laura Dias de Almeida and is offering the public a free day of adult beginners’ workshops on Sunday, September 16 between 10am and 2.15pm.

Tai Chi with David Bailey at Sarah England School of Dance

They will be able to try tai chi, lyengar yoga, pilates and ballet, meet all the teachers, look around and have questions answered.

Laura, who has been practising lyengar yoga for six years, will be putting on two 30-minute sessions at the open day.

“The great thing about the free tasters is that people can come down and dip their toe before deciding to come to a class,” she said.

Iyengar yoga focuses on precision and alignment and Laura, who lives on Ridge Hill, described its benefits.

She said: “The main advantage is that it is very safe and not just throwing people into forming shapes with the moves.

“Being precise enables you not to hurt yourself and I have always felt very safe in the hands of my teachers. Iyengar is very access to all body types and ages.”

David, trained in Chinese martial arts, uses Sarah’s premises on Corporation Street to provide lessons in tai chi and qigong.

He has been practising and teaching qigong and tai chi since 1997 and is a registered qigong instructor with the British Health Qigong Association.

Black belt David, 53, is also a registered acupuncture practitioner with the British Acupuncture Council trained in Chinese herbal medicine and advanced manipulation at the London School of Osteopathy.

He treats spinal conditions with a combination of spinal manipulation, muscle energy techniques and acupuncture at his clinic Dao Holistic Therapy in Stalybridge.

He is a doctor of chemistry having a first class honours degree in chemistry and a Phd from Durham University in 1994.

Dao Holistic Therapy is promoting the pilates, yoga and tai chi as part of its back care programme and pathway to better health and wellbeing.

These activities build up core strength, joint and muscle flexibility and increase bone density.

If practiced on a regular basis they are excellent ways of reducing back, neck and joint pain.

Sarah England School of Dance is at 13a Corporation Street, Stalybridge.

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