Residents deliver raffle surprise to firefighters

FOLLOWING the moorland fires in July, Carrbrook residents have shown their appreciation for the great work done by firefighters from across the country.

A raffle organised to support Carrbrook Summer Fete has been used, not only to pay for fete activities, but to support the Firefighters Charity.

Alan Knell from the Firefighters Charity receiving the cheque from John Walters, chairman of Carrbrook Residents’ Association, Cllr Clive Patrick and committee member Shirley Hulland

The charity supports firefighters who are injured doing their dangerous job or who suffer PTSD after life-threatening experiences.

John Walters, chair of Carrbrook Residents’ Association, said: “Carrbrook folk really wanted to thank the firefighters for close on to three weeks work they put in round the clock dealing with the wildfire that threatened our village.

“We are so pleased to donate more than £400 to the charity.

“The firefighters worked tirelessly in horrible conditions.

“People round here dug deep into their pockets to buy lots of extra raffle tickets because they knew the donation was going to be made.

“Local businesses were also keen under these circumstances to donate the raffle prizes.”

Cllr Clive Patrick, who lives in Carrbook and is vice chair of the residents’ association, said:

“Carrbook residents are so thankful to the fire service, but we all also acknowledge that they were greatly assisted in there dangerous task by the army’s Royal Regiment of Scotland, and of course the local mountain rescue who were vital in the mammoth fight to save our homes.”

The summer fete held at Woodview, Carrbrook, was a great success with children and families having a great time in the sunshine.

Cllr Patrick added: “This was especially gratifying to the committee because the fete came so soon after the fire, that it acted as a therapy for the traumatised villagers.”

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