Parking reminder send to parents at Buckton Vale

PARENTS have been reminded not to clog up roads near a primary school after complaints.

Streets close to Buckton Vale Primary, Carrbrook, especially Buckton Vale Road, have become congested at drop-off and pick-up times.

Buckton Vale Primary School situated in Carrbrook

Despite previous warnings, drivers continue to park on double yellow lines and other road markings.

And now the new academic year has started, the school has issued another reminder to people not to leave residents struggling to find a spot.

Headteacher Deborah Brown said in the school’s newsletter: “I have received a number of complaints from residents on Buckton Vale Road.

“We remain concerned regarding the parking from our parents on double yellow lines, zig zag lines and on pavements.

“Please be more respectful to our local residents.”

Meanwhile, the school is seeking volunteers so it can continue with its weekly ‘Toasty Tuesday’ which sees pupils take 10p for a slice of toast every Tuesday.

And would-be helpers are being urged to leave the details either at the school’s reception or with teacher Hannah Woodhouse.

Mrs Brown added: “We have a small team that work in pairs on a rota system.

“We are looking for two more volunteers to help us with this rota.

“Without help we will be unable to continue Toasty Tuesday on a weekly basis.”

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