There’s a new butcher on the block at Boult’s

A NEW butchers has opened on Stalybridge’s high street with John Boult taking over from Mettricks.

Though it is a new name on the Melbourne Street shop frontage, little will change inside as John has worked for Mettricks for the last four years.

Boult’s Butcher on Melbourne Street, Stalybridge

John, 51, is looking forward to the challenge, though he is no stranger having been a butcher since leaving school aged 15.

In 35 years as a butcher, John has run successful businesses including a shop at Harpurhey Market for 14 years.

And when Mettricks put their Stalybridge shop up for sale, John jumped at the chance to acquire the business.

Tony Lewis, who managed the shop, is leaving to be redeployed elsewhere by Mettricks, but all the remaining staff are staying.

The giant 52.5lb turkey display by John in the shop window created considerable interest with one customer likening it to an ostrich.

“You wouldn’t get it in your normal oven and would even struggle with an industrial oven,” he explained.

John added the giant turkey would be chopped up into smaller cuts, adding it was versatile.

It was by no means the largest turkey he has had as the biggest he has seen weighed in at a whopping 84lbs.

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