Thousands owed to care agencies after home shuts without paying

AN Oldham-based agency that provided carers for Carson House claimed it is “a miracle we are still in business” alleging it is still owed £37,000.

Nnamdi Oriuwa, one of three directors of Kare Plus Oldham, explained the difficulties his company has come close to going out of business.

Nnamdi Oriuwa

He said: “We are owed more than £37,000 for between three and four months’ work last year.

“We had to stop supplying carers as they refused to pay, even when we got our lawyers involved.

“It has been horrible. We have had difficulty paying our staff and had to borrow. We have maxed our overdraft and it is a miracle we are still in business.”

Mr Oriuwa explained his company has a staff of 40 carers and has 25 clients.

The Correspondent was given a list of nine care agencies that are owed money – possibly several hundred thousand pounds – by Carson House’s owners.

Three who responded to the newspaper’s calls claimed to be owed a total of £147,000.

Another explained its legal team was dealing with the matter in-house and they wanted to handle it in a “dignified” way and not go public.

One of the nine agencies was reported to have been hit so badly that it faced liquidation and another added that the sum it was owed was comparatively small due to the diligence of the company’s credit controller in flagging up the money owed.

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