Pupils get planting to help save countyside

PUPILS from Millbrook Primary have been learning about the area’s eco system in the wake of the nearby moorland blazes that at one stage forced their school to close.

Year five children recently visited Cowbury Dale, Carrbrook, to learn about wildlife and how the fires affected the area.

They were accompanied by Mike Robinson, chair of governors, who said: “We met Greenspace officer John Courtman who talked to the children about the local countryside and took the children on an informative nature walk up to Cowbury/Carrbrook reservoir.

“We collected acorns as we walked up to the reservoir and once there the children could see how the moorland had been devastated following the fire this summer.

“Thankfully, the moorland is showing signs of recovery.

“However it’s estimated to take 30 plus years until the land is fully recovered.”

The children have planted the acorns at school before returning to the reservoir and planting the saplings.

Mike added: “We hope if the children learn more about the moors and countryside they will be less inclined to damage it.

“The children were certainly enthused and engaged when they returned to school. “

There are also plans for Millbrook Primary, an accredited Forest School, and the wider to community to work with an organisation called Moors for the Future: www.moorsforthefuture.org.uk

Firefighters were also recently invited to Millbrook Primary as pupils planted a plum tree as a tribute to the work they did tackling the biggest moorland fires in living memory.

David Cubbin, who runs Forest School outdoor activities, explained the decision was made to have a fruit bearing tree.

“We have apple trees in our orchard but wanted something different which is why we chose a plum tree,” he said.

The plaque carried the following wording: “In recognition of the extraordinary efforts of our emergency services in tackling the moorland fires 2018 with grateful thanks from Millbrook Primary & Nursery School.”

• There is also a drive within a Greater Manchester to plant more trees with the clean air policy.
Read more at: www.cityoftrees.org.uk/news/trees-transport-and-technology-solutions-poor-air-quality

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