Grace excited to become mini mayor at Wild Bank

“I WAS so excited, I screamed,” explained Grace Wallwork after being chosen to become Wild Bank Community School’s mini mayor.

Mini Mayor Grace Wallwork with Mayor of Tameside Cllr Denise Ward

And the first duty 11-year-old Grace performed was the official ribbon-cutting opening for the new library at the Stalybridge school.

It was part of Wild Bank’s British values curriculum in which the children learned about democracy and the role of the mayor in the borough.

They held an election to become mini mayor, with 30 applications received.

They had to state how they could contribute to enhancing school life and raising the profile of the school in the community.

Grace chosen from a shortlist of six following an election at assembly in which pupils had to place twiddly winks counters into the box of their desired nominee.

The highlight was a visit from Tameside Mayor Cllr Denise Ward who joined Grace, who had a special mayoral robe and even a chain of office, at assembly.

Grace was presented with a certificate from Cllr Ward to say she was Tameside’s junior mayor for the day.

Cllr Ward spoke about her role as mayor and then had a question-and-answer session in which pupils with the mayoral mace, which is 22 carat gold, of particular interest.

Later in the week, Grace held an inaugural tea party, performing her first duty of opening the school’s new library.

Assistant headteacher Tom Bolan-Ashworth said: “Wild Bank has recently undergone quite a transformation and after extensive building work is now fortunate to have a dedicated library that the children can visit.

“And as part of her role, Grace is keen to help raise the profile of reading throughout the school.”

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