Consultation on golf club house plan nears end

CONSULTATION over an application to build 33 houses on green belt land ends on Thursday.

Dukinfield-based Bardsley Group hopes to build the properties on part of Dukinfield Golf Club, close to its border with Stalybridge

Dukinfield-based Bardsley Group hopes to build the properties on part of Dukinfield Golf Club, close to its border with Stalybridge.

Tameside Council’s planning committee will decide whether to approve or refuse the application.

But anyone concerned or backing the proposal has until Thursday, February 28, to register their voice in the consultation.

A planning statement describes the area concerned as ‘waste land which is not used by the golf club and therefore rarely maintained.

‘A parcel of land to the west contained an old garage site with the remains of old garages. This part of the site is used for fly tipping and where youths congregate due to the lack of natural surveillance.

‘The site remains vacant and is best described as wasteland that is within the private ownership of the golf club but not used as part of the golf course.’

If approved, the scheme will see detached and semi-detached houses built but the applicants insist they will do everything they can to minimise disruption.

The statement adds: “The proposed houses have been set away from the southern boundary of the site so that they do not have an overbearing or dominating impact for occupiers the houses on Yew Tree Lane or The Fairways.”

However, opposition in the area remains strong with more people completing feedback forms saying they object to the application than those who support it.


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  1. no kids congregate on this land, and certainly not waste land or any fly tipping going on. This is a beautiful scenic view for all the houses which would be a great loss.

  2. There will be kids congregating on the public footpath if this development goes ahead because that are going to create a new muggers alley when they erect a 6 foot fence a long the back of the New houses . It’s has taken years of compaining to close the alley between cheethamhill road and Kenyon avenue where youths and muggers alike would wait for there prey do we want the same problem do these councillors not learn from past mistakes. I think they need to take a long hard look at themselves and remember why they are in the job and what they are supposed to be doing in that job. Protecting and carrying out the wishes of the people who put them there in the first place.

  3. No mention of the 20 meter high Orange Phone mast.
    Just to the left of the development a mobile phone mast is concealed in the trees.
    It was 15 meters, given permission to extend to 20 and add more equipment.
    Would you buy a house next to one of these?
    Unfortunately we are social housing near the site and were given no choice.

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