ASBO for Stalybridge house

A STALYBRIDGE house has been effectively closed down after a string of complaints about anti-social behaviour – including human waste being disposed of in the back garden.

The house on Kinder Street in Stalybridge

Police and officials from Tameside Council secured a closure order at Tameside Magistrates Court against the property on Kinder Street , which is off Wakefield Road.

And after a long line of problems, it has been boarded up and no-one is allowed to enter it until June 10.

The court was told about numerous incidents of serious anti-social behaviour which included numerous abuse and threats to neighbours by the occupant or visitors to his address.

On one occasion, one of the occupants or a visitor assaulted a neighbour when she challenged the occupant about excessive noise and lewd and aggressive behaviour.

And on more than one occasion the occupant or his visitors had disposed of human waste in the garden because the toilet was in a state of disrepair.

There were also several police and the council of excessive noise, house parties, banging on adjoining walls and drunken behaviour in and around the address.

The court was also told a lot of work was done to try to deal with these issues by engaging with the occupant.

However, he did not heed any warnings given, which included the issue of Community Protection Notices, and the threat of what action may be taken if incidents continued.

Official notice outside property

Sergeant Neil Tolley, of Greater Manchester Police, said:

“This culminated in a consultation discussion between us and Tameside Council, leading to a file of evidence being compiled and presented via GMP’s legal team to Tameside Magistrates to apply for the closure order under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2014.

“This was granted for a three-month period to run until June 10.”

Officers boarded up the property and attached notices to the front and back entrances telling people the reasons why the house was closed.

And anyone entering the property is actually committing a criminal offence.

Sgt Tolley added: “Until 10 June 2019, any person who enters the property without the authority of the court is liable to arrest and being charged with an offence for doing so.”

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