Fishing club refurb going swimmingly

REPAIR work at a Stalybridge beauty spot continues after part of a dam started to collapse.

Now Carrbrook Fishing Club has its next thing to tackle – pulling a car out from the bottom of a reservoir.

The response to an appeal for help in the Correspondent, after part of the Millbrook dam started to give way, has been so big that more work is being done.

A spillway is being built from scratch while it is still hoped railings and a bridge can be constructed.

Gary Rothwell, from Carrbrook Fishing Club, also praised the effort of youngsters with the Works4U scheme who have been putting in the effort – who he wants kept on after the Easter holidays.

He said: “The response has been brilliant with companies supplying materials. I even had a councillor offer us £250!

“But someone keeps messing about with the stream and blocking it up. I don’t want water coming into the dam as it effects the work that’s being done.

“Concrete can set underwater but it takes a lot longer. Also, I’m not entirely sure the kids who have been working on it will be kept on after Easter.

“These are kids that are not in school or college as many have things like autism or a lack of social development – basically they have no social skills.

“It’s not their fault but they’ve been absolutely loving working on the dam, let’s hope it continues but something good can definitely come from this.

“Take the spillway. Before it was just an 18-inch pipe and water would wash around it. It washed the bridge away underneath, so we dug it out and now we’ve had concrete delivered to form it.

“It’s been built from scratch. Two walls and the concrete between them, the kids built both walls.”

Despite the response, Carrbrook Fishing Club could still do with more materials as it has other projects on the agenda.

Mr Rothwell added: “There’s still lots of work to do. We’re still looking for people to supply railings and a fabrication company to help us.

“We could also do with some of the material that you see on bridleways, that fine stone that people walk on.”

Now Millbrook Dam is well on the way to being completed, Carrbrook Fishing Club is turning its attention towards another issue.

Namely, a car that has laid at the bottom of one of the reservoirs close to Churchfields housing estate for some 20 years.

And after weighing up whether it would actually be better to leave it, a more close-up inspection will take place when the weather improves.

Mr Rothwell sad: “A Metro has been down there for years but there’s a diver called John Kelly, who’s willing to go down there and see what there is.

“It could be a car, it could be just an engine. If it is the full car there would also be 20-odd years of silt on top of it.

“He would go in now if he could but I’m holding him off until the weather gets warmer.

“Then we’ll go in and see if we can pull out whatever is there. There was a concern that any oil that may be left may leak out into the water but after being down there for so long, I’d be surprised if there’s anything left.

“We weighed up whether to leave it or not, it was a bit of a catch 22 situation but if it’s feasible to get it out, we will do.”

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