Make sure slimming isn’t scary this Halloween

EATING healthily doesn’t need to be scary this Halloween, says a local weight-loss expert – and it can even help you to save money.

Ryan Ravenscroft: before and after joining Slimming World

Ryan Ravenscroft joined the Stalybridge Slimmers at The Bridge Inn, Shepley Street, just 19 weeks ago and has achieved a fantastic four stone loss.

He joined Slimming World in April after feeling miserable about his weight, and seeing how well other family members were doing after joining the group.

Ryan found the plan easy to follow and as he started to make little changes, filling up on free and speed foods and working out syns, he was amazed at how much he could have.

He said: “I was so proud and amazed that first week when I stepped on those scales and I had lost 9.5 lbs.

“I think that’s when it really hit home how easy food optimising is. Slimming World is so liberating as you never go hungry.”

Slimming World’s food optimising healthy eating plan allows slimmers to satisfy their appetite on a wide range of healthy, filling foods like fruit and veg, lean meat, fish, pasta, rice, eggs and more.

Cassandra, Abi, Mandy and Maria are the consultants who run the local Slimming World groups at The Bridge Inn.

They say anyone watching their weight can whip up a delicious, guilt-free meal with the leftovers from their Halloween lanterns.

“Lots of us love to hollow out pumpkins, whether it’s for parties, decoration or as a fun family activity,” they commented.

“Very often we throw the flesh in the compost or the bin but anyone doing that is wasting a healthy and filling food that could be the basis of a spookily great family meal.

“We’re not about dieting and deprivation. Instead our members make life-long changes to the way they shop, cook and eat so they can still enjoy treats as well.”

υυ The Stalybridge Slimming World groups are held weekly at The Bridge Inn, 19 Shepley Street on:

Tuesday at 5pm or 7pm with Cassandra: 07738 904029

Wednesday at 9.30am or 12noon with Abi: 07852 951991

Thursday at 5.30pm and 7.30pm with Mandy: 07976 854718

Saturday at 7.30am, 9.30am or 11.30am with Maria: 07711 540115.

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