Conservative Cllr Patricks brings a unique view from Labour Party Conference

Cllr Clive Patrick

Cllr Clive Patrick, Conservative councillor for Stalybridge South, gives his observations from the Labour Party conference.

He writes: “I have just listened to Jeremy Corbin’s speech at his party’s conference, with the knowledge that it is likely to be read during my own party’s conference.

“I also know that the Conservative visitors to Manchester will be, as has happened before, greeted with abuse, shouts of indignation and even physical assault from the left wing lowlife that our conference will no doubt attract.

“As a councillor I have friendships and good working relationships with my Labour colleagues, obviously such people are not inherent in Labour politics.

“But why therefore should the left of Labour be so adamant in suggesting that anyone who has a Tory point of view, be fair game. Alternatively I am completely positive that the news coverage of this week’s Brighton conference will show no sign of similar Tory anti-social behaviour.

“So what is the difference between the two parties and their corresponding supporters? You may answer that it is the depth of opposition and opinion held by the hard left. Can I remind you at this point of where the “looney left” got Labour in the 80s, a party that was unelectable and criticised by the vast majority of the electorate, and even other sections of their own party.

“No it is not the depth of feeling because after listening to Corbin’s speech and Labour’s own suggestion that their own election could very well lead to a run on the pound, my feelings run as high.

“We have been told that a new Labour government would yet again spend well beyond the country’s means and even somehow pay off 700 or so PFI contracts, most of which were signed under “New” Labour, costing billions and billions of pounds.

“Although I don’t agree with all Conservative policies, I am adamant that a re election of a far left Government will have a disastrous effect on the economy and living standards of both rich and poor.

“I am as sure of this, as perhaps the far left are sure that our policies are wrong, unlike them however, I have not been down to Brighton causing trouble. I just sit at my desk and write to the papers. Which side, I ask of the political spectrum should be trusted with the country’s future?”


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