Rob paints the bigger picture to inspire at Stalybridge Celtic

STALYBRIDGE Celtic are hoping a massive mural painted on the corridor leading from the dressing room to the pitch at Bower Fold will inspire their players.

It provides a glimpse into the history of the club and also the town.

The mural is the work of Celtic supporter Rob Purdon, 38, who spent three days creating the six-metre painting.

It begins with the club badge and then features club legend Kevin Parr, who made 333 appearances between 1998/2007, record goalscorer Harry Dennison and nearest the pitch former kit man Mark Storah who lost a battle against cancer in April 2016.

They are silhouetted on a backdrop of a Stalybridge skyline that makes them even more striking.

Rob Purdon painting the mural

Rob, who now lives in Blackpool, is a charactuture artist who also paints murals.

He did a charactuture of Celtic manager Steve Burr that Michael Beech, general manager and football secretary, spotted.

Rob said: “Michael  contacted me to ask if I would do a mural on the corridor.

“It is the biggest one I have ever done and far removed from the usual bedrooms with Disney characters.”

Rob revealed Michael sent him old photos while he also carried out his own research.

The painting was done freehand and took 33 hours to complete in time for the Emirates FA Cup tie against Chorley.

Sadly it didn’t inspire Celtics’ players sufficiently as they lost 3-1 as their disappointing start to the season continued.


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