New home to show off rescued record-breaking longest pub sign

THE Stalybridge pub sign that features in the Guinness Book of Records as being the longest one has a new home.

The pub sign in its new home at Bridge Beers

The sign from ‘The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn’ can be found inside Bridge Beers, Melbourne Street, Stalybridge, after being rescued from a pile of scrap wood waiting to be set alight.

When the Rifleman shut last year the sign was removed by the developer and put with a pile of wood ready for burning.

David Bridge, from Bridge Beers, tells us the story: “Lee Stafford, one of my customers, came knocking at my door to tell me what had happened.

“We felt it was important to save this piece of history and Lee spoke to the developer and acquired the sign which was put in the cellar of my pub to dry out.

“Lee, who is a kitchen fitter, and Glenn Hall, a joiner, set about repairing the sign, a lot of which was rotten while the word ‘Cheshire’ was missing.

“They removed the worst of the rot as well as creating the missing word ‘Cheshire’.”

The conundrum then was where to display the sign and, after measuring up the bar at Bridge Beers, it was decided to run along the entire length of two walls just below ceiling height.

Q – the pub with the shortest name

David said: “Since the sign has been displayed, it has become a real talking point among our customers, some of who drank at the Rifleman before it closed.

“Ironically the sign contains 55 letters and we are at 55 Melbourne Street.”

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Stalybridge also has the pub with the shortest sign, ‘Q’ that is close to the town’s railway station.


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