Glowstone smart mug makes a stir

TINY Stalybridge company Glowstone Ltd is hoping to become a global name after its new product recently went on the market.

Thomas with his smart mug

Thomas Gostelow, whose business is located in Cheetham’s Mill, says he is “living the dream” after inventing the Glowstone smart mug.

It is a self heating China mug he claims does not compromise the flavour of tea and coffee, unlike a thermos.

And already Thomas has orders from America, Japan, Malaysia and throughout Europe, saying he has been taken aback by interest in the mug.

Thomas, who describes himself as the Willy Wonka of technology, said: “It has been incredibly complex entering the smart product market when companies like Phillips and Sony pour billions of pounds into items – money we don’t have.

“Yet we have a product alongside those manufacturers, something we are proud of.

“We hope the smart mug will impact on how people consume tea and coffee and embrace this new concept and they won’t go back to using old mugs.”

The smart mug, that is made in the Potteries and the electrics overseas, is the culmination of a two-and-a-half years work.

“I am an engineer and have done everything from designing the electronics for the mug to running a business. It has been a steep learning curve,” Thomas continued.

He has received support from KickStart that helps new businesses and through that has been mentored by Baroness Brady who visited Cheetham’s Mill to see the smart mug.

“KickStart is for small companies to fund product development. Without it, I would not be here having this conversation with you,” he continued.

To finance the project, Thomas raised money from crowd funding that injected £37,000 into the business.

Thomas, a graduate in mechanical engineering, has gained intellectual property (patent) for the smart mug and he says this is not his only invention as he is working on other projects.


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