Dog lovers get clued up at canine first aid courses

HOW would you deal with a medical emergency involving your beloved pooch?

Dylan Cottrail and his dog Betty after her leg was bandaged

Stalybridge dog groomers Barkers About Pets has the answers after organising a couple of canine first aid courses.

And business owner Kathy Wade says they are popular with anyone who has a love of dogs whether they are owners, walkers or sitters.

Kathy added the day-long course helped deal with an emergency. It included applying CPR following a heart attack, bandaging a cut and spotting signs that a dog is ill or anxious.

She added: “If your dog has been involved in an accident and in pain the chances are that it could snap at you so it is a case of reading signals and what to look out for.

“There is also the practicality of the law and whose responsibility it is to assist. And those attending have found it an eye opener and we have received a lot of positive feedback.”

Kathy pointed out the first aid courses are popular with those intending to open their own dog-related businesses.

“We even had a St John Ambulance man who has dealt with humans and wanted to know the difference with dogs who, for instance, have a different heart rate,” she explained.

Taking the courses is Lisa Graham who owns a canine physio and rehabilitation service and is based at Barkers About Pets.

During a canine first-aid course, Lisa performed a bandaging exercise of Dylan Cottrail’s dog Betty.

“This particular bandaging exercise was fantastic as Betty is a young dog and wiggled a lot,” explained Lisa.

“But it’s also a factual aspect of real life that dogs are not going to sit still while being bandaged.”

Kathy, who opened her shop on Melbourne Street in April, offers a wide and diverse range of spa treatments, paw-icures and even mud baths for dogs with mobility issues.

And she says the bespoke one-to-one service helps has a relaxing and calming effect on dogs.

Previously she had studied on a two-year animal management course at college and volunteered at the Dogs Trust.

Kathy does not deal exclusively with dogs, though, but other furries such as cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.


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