Stalybridge shoppers say dropping litter is just rubbish

STALYBRIDGE shoppers have proved a national survey, that says six in 10 people struggle with recycling, is rubbish!

Armed with a chart showing green, black, blue and brown bins, the Correspondent went out on Melbourne Street to test the public.

Diana Kelly: supermarkets could do more

Those quizzed were able to identify what rubbish should go in each bin, though there was slight confusion caused by Tameside Council swopping what went in the green and black bins.

Diana Kelly, 52, of Early Bank, had no trouble identifying what goes in each bin.

“There are no excuses when you have bins on your doorstep. It used to be a pain having to go to the bottle bank,” she explained.

Diana also recycles batteries, printer cartridges and clothes adding with a family of four there are times when she struggles to find room for all the waste.

“I think supermarkets could do more and should be made to cut down packaging as there is so much plastic and cardboard. Why not bring back paper bags for vegetables like they used to do,” she said.

Kerry Wardle: my children know what goes in each bin

Kerry Wardle, 37, of Ashton, correctly identified which bins were for what refuse, saying: “There are five children and two adults in my house.

“My children are aged 16, 12, 7 and two are 6. I have taught them what colour is for what refuse.

“The older children definitely know, and I am sure the little ones do as well.”

Robert Lineker, 55, from The Mill, was caught out by the green and black bins being changed.

He said: “The council swopped what we put in the green and black bins and that has taken some getting used to.

“I have always recycled, but there are 200 apartments where I live and I can guarantee they don’t all recycle and you see things thrown in any bin.

Robert Lineker: some neighbours don’t recycle

“It is important to recycle and I would love to see deposits for glass bottles like they used to have and also paper bags that decompost quicker than plastic.”

Robert believes there are too many bins and in an “ideal world” would love to see one that is segregated into four sections. He also feels more should be done to educate the public about recycling.

Lucy McFadyden, 28, of Huddersfield Road, was able to correctly identify what should be placed in three of the four bins.

She said: “Where I live, eight houses share one black, one green and two blue bins.

“I don’t know what colour bins are for what. It could be made easier if they put pictures on the side of the bins.”

Jennifer Walker, 69, of Demesne Drive, got all four bins right.

Ken Batkin: late collections causes problems

She said: “I struggled when I first had the bins, but in the last couple of years have got into recycling.

“The bins are all in my back garden and I automatically know what goes in each.

“I think a lot of older people can’t be bothered, though my next-door neighbour recycles religiously.

Ken Batkin, 79, of Staley Drive, was 100-per-cent correct when tested.

He said he never had any issues recycling as his bins are together in his garden.

“My only complaint is that the bin men are sometimes late making collections,” he said.

Mary Bancroft: fortnightly collections a struggle for big families

Mary Bancoft, 54, of Castle Hall Court, who correctly called what goes in each bin, has always recycled waste, though she says it caused confusion when the council swopped what was placed in green and black bins.

And she pointed out that fortnightly collections causes problems: “It is understandable that the council does it, but if there is a family of six, for example, bins are overflowing and that attracts vermin.

“I see that near where my daughter lives where people leave black bags on the street because there is no room in their bins.”

Peter Gerrish: wife blasts him if he puts waste in wrong bin

Peter Gerrish, 70, of Gee Cross got all four bins correct, saying: “I have always recycled and my wife Jean jumps on me if I put things in the wrong bin.

“I also collect dog poo unlike a lot of people who leave it. Another big bug bear is that in Hyde Park you are only allowed to have dogs on two-metre leads, but you see owners using 10m and some no leads.”


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