Tameside Greenspace volunteers make hay while the sun shines

VOLUNTEERS spent two days making hay while the sun shone in the Brushes Valley.

Tameside Greenspace described the turnout as “great” with eight of their own volunteers joined by 15 corporate ones from a local company.

In Tameside, the council owns and manages 25 hectares of hay meadows which is a high proportion of all the meadows in the borough.

In the past, meadows were rich and diverse and full of wildflowers and the aim of Tameside Greenspace is not to produce fodder, but to manage the land to ensure it continues to provide important grassland habitats.

Wildflower meadows thrive on poor soils. If the grass was not removed it would take light away from wildflowers and would rot down and improve the soil by building up nutrients so wildflowers would be unable to compete.

The cut grass is raked and put into habitat piles along the field edges to provide a good habitat for fungus and amphibians.


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