Step out with Nordic Walking Tameside

IF you want the benefits of a workout with setting foot inside a gym, why not try Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking Tameside leader Jane Lees

Instructor Jane Lees, who has just launched Nordic Walking Tameside, can speak from personal experience about how it improved her fitness.

Plagued by back problems, the 37-year-old from Grasscroft was told to build her core strength by exercising more. But finding gyms “boring and lonely” she looked for an alternative.

Jane, who works in research into hearing science at University of Manchester, booked onto a free Nordic walking taster session before joining her local Saddleworth club, hasn’t looked back and her back no longer hurts.

And after training to be an instructor, Jane spotted a void between clubs in Stockport and Saddleworth and decided to form a club in Tameside. Members are aged up to 70 years so it appeals to a broad spectrum of the population.

Jane explained the Nordic walking slogan is “turn a walk into a workout” saying there are a lot of benefits without much effort.

Jane leading her group on a walk

She added a Nordic walk usually lasts no longer than 90 minutes and uses 90 per cent of body muscles compared to between 40 and 50 per cent on a conventional walk.

Jane explained: “When somebody uses hiking poles they are placed in front of them to offer support.

“Nordic poles are used at 45 degrees like skis to propel you so you are using your upper body.

“It takes pressure off knees and other joints and helps to propel you uphill as well as improving posture.”

To book a free taster Nordic Walking session or training course, go online to:


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