Celebrate absent friends with ‘Light Up A Life’ scheme at Willow Wood

IF you have taken part in Willow Wood’s annual Light Up A Life before, and attended a dedication service, you will know what a wonderful occasion it is.

Hospice chaplain Eddy Inglis and community events fundraiser Elaine McConnell in the Willow Wood multi-faith prayer room

It is a celebration of everything that Willow Wood stands for – love, care, compassion and the ability to live your life to the full.

If you haven’t heard of Light Up A Life before, Elaine McConnell, community events fundraiser, explains: “It’s a wonderful way to remember loved ones.

“It’s open to everyone, not just those touched by hospice care, and gives you the opportunity to reflect and remember those who are always in your heart.

“By making a dedication all names will be inscribed into our beautifully designed books of memories and you are invited to attend one or both of the celebration carol services.

“With a brass band, children’s choir and, of course, the dedication of the tree of lights, these services can bring comfort at this very special time of the year.”

The book of memories takes pride of place in the multi-faith prayer room and will be available for viewing from December 1 and throughout 2018.

Many people find it a real comfort to be able to view this on birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions throughout the year.

Seven other books of memories will be placed throughout Tameside and Glossop from December 1 until twelfth night.

The two dedication services, one in Norfolk Square, Glossop, and the other at the Albion Church, Ashton are very moving and often quite emotional, but at the same time joyous and uplifting.

A light will also shine in remembrance on the tree of lights at both Norfolk Square and in the Albion Church, and these symbols of everlasting love and affection will begin to glow at the culmination of the services.

Eddy Inglis, chaplain of Willow Wood, said “Every year, so many people come to me after the service to let me know just how much it means to them.

“Light Up A Life brings comfort and a sense of peace and joy.

“It doesn’t matter what faith they follow, or if they are religious at all. Light Up A Life, like Willow Wood, is here for everyone.”

For more information or to take part, pick up a dedication leaflet from any of the Willow Wood shops, download one from the website: www.willowwood.info or ring 0161 330 7788 to have one sent to you.


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