Volunteers sleep on Stalybridge streets to raise money for homeless

by Niamh Gallagher

A ‘SLEEPING rough’ event was recently held to raise money for a charity for the homeless.

Some of the volunteers ‘sleeping rough’

Six volunteers slept on the streets of Stalybridge to help Greystones housing in Tameside.

Cheryl Amanda, who organised the event, campaigns to increase support given to those who are homeless, having sent emails to MPs on numerous occasions.

She aims to spread the word on behalf of those who seriously need it, and is trying to make more people aware of homelessness.

“The whole homeless community has not been recognised. They are being told they are not a priority,” said Cheryl.

The group stayed out in the cold, wind and generally horrendous weather from 8.30pm until 6am to experience what it was like for those who sleep rough every night.

There are only around 115 beds available in Tameside and Bury, and this is concerning due to the amount of people that are sleeping rough.

Cheryl continued: “Most small towns like those in Tameside are self-funded, and are overlooked, but cities like Manchester get Government funding.

“This means that there is a whole homeless community that is not recognised and there is no support for them.”

Cheryl’s drive is to make the lives of the homeless better.

She believes there are many problems, and they are not seen as important and therefore overlooked.

Cheryl is campaigning for more funding and collects unwanted furniture and clothes for those in need.

For more information, or to offer support, funds or supplies, contact Cheryl on Facebook or phone 07881 893999.


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