MP Jonathan Reynolds critical of constituency boundary change plans

MP JONATHAN Reynolds’ Stalybridge and Hyde parliamentary constituency will disappear under proposals by the Boundary Commission for England to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600.

The local MP is critical of the move that will see Stalybridge and Mossley incorporated into Ashton while Hyde will be lumped together with Marple.

It is part of proposals that will see the number of North West parliamentary seats cut from 75 to 68, with each having between 71,031 and 78,507 constituents.

Some MPs face losing their seats as some constituencies could merge into one another, while in other places brand new constituencies could be formed.

Mr Reynolds, who has represented the area in parliament since 2010, said: “Stalybridge and Hyde has been a constituency for over a hundred years.

“Every part of the seat is in Tameside, and its boundaries for the most part reflect cohesive communities.

“The proposal to lump together Hyde and Marple instead feels clumsy and manufactured to me that is a huge land mass, crossing local authority boundaries, and is not a cohesive constituency.

“The idea of joining Stalybridge and Mossley with Ashton is less objectionable, but I am very unhappy about the name of Stalybridge being dropped from the parliamentary map as it is not a suburb of Ashton.

“Overall I feel these boundary changes are a waste of time and public money, which may never happen. There are much better ways to renew our political system like proportional representation, so every vote counts, and votes at 16.”

Cllr Doreen Dickinson, from Stalybridge South ward, said all her Conservative colleagues in the town are against the proposed changes.

She said: “My personal view is that there has been a Stalybridge and Hyde constituency since the year dot.

“We have nothing in common with Ashton whereas Hyde is a small market town like ourselves, though we don’t have a market any more.

“We will also be moving to a different county as Ashton is in Lancashire while Hyde will be remaining in Cheshire.

“The Conservatives in this area don’t agree with the proposals and it saddens me that this piece of history could disappear.”

MP Debbie Abrahams,  Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions who represents neighbouring Oldham East and Saddleworth, has labelled new parliamentary boundary proposals as “devastating” for her constituency.

She said: “The Boundary Commission have published their revised proposals but I believe they are still unfair, undemocratic and unacceptable.

“Whilst it is encouraging to see the commissioners have agreed to unite the Saddleworth wards as I lobbied, I believe the proposals are devastating for Oldham and Saddleworth as it breaks up the constituency and direct links with local authority boundaries.

“In my view it is essential that Oldham and Saddleworth has a coherent settlement in the boundary review; something that’s still missing in these proposals.

“The proposals are also based on an out-of-date version of the electoral register with nearly two million voters missing.

“Planning to reduce the democratically elected number of MPs at the same time as appointing hundreds of extra Peers to the Lords shows this review is designed for the Tories’ own political advantage rather what is in the best interests of the country.”

The plans are available to view online and residents have until December 11 to have their say:

Final recommendations from the Boundary Commission will be submitted to Parliament in September 2018, and if agreed will be used in the next scheduled General Election in 2022.


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  1. Well we are back with Ashton like we used to be under Robert Sheldon. Mossley never had any relations with Stalybridge or Hyde both Cheshire. Mossley is and always will be Lancashire I still put that on my postal address NOT Tameside.

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