Holocaust survivor inspires students at Stalyhill Junior School

HOLOCAUST survivor Eve Kuglar visited Stalyhill Junior School, Stalybridge as part of their World War Two project with studies of conflicts part of the National Curriculum.

Lola Smith with her artwork of the bombing blitz over St Paul’s Cathedral in London

Teacher Anna-Marie Taylor described how the 86-year-old’s stories helped to bring alive the horrors in the build-up to the Stalybridge Remembrance Day Service, where pupils Imogen Singleton and Louisa Dolan laid a wreath at the War Memorial.

She said: “We contact the Holocaust Educational Trust and they send us a speaker every year, and Eve had written a book on Kindertransport (that rescued thousands of Jewish children from Nazi Germany in the nine months before the outbreak of the Second World War).

“In 10 years’ time I will be teaching it in a powerpoint and they won’t be able to speak to a survivor.

“Some of the questions the children asked were very thoughtful and insightful – had she been back, her worst experiences and being separated from her family?”

Anna-Marie added the WW2 project has been extremely popular, getting all the children engaged.

St Peter’s pupils Grace Worrall and Sophie Stevenson laid a wreath at the Remembrance Day Service

“They go home and start to research their own family history and it has been a fascinating topic,” she continued.

Anna-Marie added they had also discussed various aspects of the Second World War, including the blitz, rationing, women in war, evacuees, the Holocaust and Nuremberg Laws, and anti-semitic laws introduced in Nazi Germany.

And there had also been a school visit to a former prisoner of war camp at York, with Eden Camp now a museum.

Elaine Summersgill, headteacher at St Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Stalybridge added their pupils also study the Second World War,

She said: “We looked at the evacuees and learned about the impact the war had on children’s lives.

“We had a class assembly and children brought in details about family who served in either of the First and Second World Wars. The children found it very interesting.”


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