Traders say removal of litter bins is just rubbish

STALYBRIDGE hairdresser Mario Wood says the disappearance of litter bins on Market Street is rubbish.

Ladrose Hair & Beauty on Market Street

Mario, who has had Ladrose Hair & Beauty since 1981, has further been irritated by a letter from Tameside Council saying shopkeepers are liable to keep the fronts to their properties tidy.

He said: “Three bins, that appeared to be in perfect functioning order, have been removed from close to my premises. The bins were well-used and emptied every day by the Council.

“There isn’t a bin for around 100m from my property and in the same distance there are eight or nine fast-foot outlets.”

Mario added it was adding insult to injury to be told by the Council he was responsible for keeping the front of his shop tidy.

“Litter from the fast-food outlets blows along the street and ends up in front of our salon,” he said.

“We have to litter pick in the morning, and it is especially bad following Friday night,” he explained.

Mario telephoned Tameside Council and was told they were going to be new bins.

“That was some time ago and they certainly haven’t been replaced on this street,” he said.

A Tameside Council spokesperson said: “A review of litter bins was undertaken as part of the Big Tidy Up and part of a borough-wide audit of all litter bins to assess whether they needed replacing, removing or re-siting to a new location to have a more positive impact on street cleanliness.

“A lot of the old style, open top concrete bins were upgraded to new closed top bins, which significantly reduced abuse through domestic and trade waste constantly being dumped in them, as well as reducing the amount of litter blowing out.

“Since the review, it is true to say that a significant number of fast-food outlets have opened along Market Street and they do have a responsibility to keep the front of their shops clear of the litter generated by their sales.

“However, as the street has developed, there is the opportunity to have another look at whether the current number of bins and their location is still appropriate and we’ll be reviewing this in the New Year.”


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