Carrbrook Dad launches community hike to explore countryside

By Gary Carter

PEOPLE in Carrbrook may soon be walking to a different beat after a community hike was set up.

Danny and youngest son Thomas on a walk

Resident Danny Maley floated the idea of people living in the area meeting up and seeing the countryside that is on their doorstep.

Now that has taken off and the formal stroll will take place on Sunday, January 21.

Hopefully the weather is better than the day of the first planned walk, when snowy conditions left virtually everyone in the warmth of their homes.

Danny, a 29-year-old service manager in the welfare industry, has lived in Carrbrook Village for the past three years.

After gaining momentum behind the idea on social media, he hopes to see plenty of people putting their best food forward – as long as it isn’t freezing or snowing heavily.

He said: “The initial idea came from a Facebook post on The Carrbrook Community Village page where a member stated they would love to do some walking up over the moors but did not feel confident going alone.

“Both myself and Matthew Garlick, who also lives in the village, have done lots of walking and felt confident to lead a walk over the moors and around the quarry for anybody who wished to join and we have since decided to make this a regular event.

“The initial response was really positive to a community walk and a good few people registered interest.

“Unfortunately on the day the weather turned and it was icy cold with driving rain and I think this put a number of people off.

“However there were still a few that turned up which was nice, and we ended with a drink in the Buckton Vale Institute, a hot mulled wine to warm the cockles.

“The next walk will be the same route and then we will look at varying routes each time.

“The routes can depend on what people would like to do, so we can vary the length, difficulty etc to suit the people doing the walk.”

A walk up to Dovestone Reservoir

Looking ahead to the stroll on January 21, he said: “I really have no expectations on the amount of people who will attend.

“I really enjoy the wonderful walks we have available here and also love meeting new people so the more people who attend the merrier but if it just ends up being myself and Matthew it won’t stop me enjoying the walk!”

Danny is one of the driving forces behind the Carrbrook Village Community page on Facebook, where people can alert others of things going on or organise events.

And he feels the spirit that exists in the area is rare and needs nurturing, with other ideas in the pipeline.

He added: “In the three years I have been in the village I have seen more community spirit than anywhere I have previously lived and really think this needs to be embraced as it seems to be getting rarer and rarer.

“I try to be as involved in the local community as much as possible and to encourage this I have set up the Carrbrook Village Community Facebook page to try and bring people together.

“I am also now on the Committee for the Buckton Vale Institute and actively try to meet as many neighbours as possible and also support as many local businesses as possible.

“I am hoping to further this next year and have a few ideas in the pipeline such as a community barbecue in the summer among other ideas and hope that the residents of Carrbrook village will get involved and meet some of their neighbours.”

If any people are not a member of the group but wish to join, just search Facebook for ‘Carrbrook Village Community’.


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  1. Sunday 21 jan, wandered up to the village this morning to find out more about your group. I don’t use mobile or face book. So this was more on spec as no time was mentioned. I fear the weather did get the better of people as there was only myself and other hardy dog walkers about. Would have been quite a challenge on the tops today, flooded bogs and near white out.
    I would be interested in more info about future walks. yours Jim Mathews

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