West Hill look to raise funds for Tanzania 2019 trip of a lifetime

A MASSIVE fundraising drive is underway at West Hill School, Stalybridge, as 37 pupils prepare for the trip of a lifetime to Tanzania in August 2019.

Pupils on last year’s trip to Uganda

They carried out a bag pack at Marks and Spencer, Ashton Moss, in December and also have planned a sponsored virtual journey (walk, swim, run, cycle) to cover 760 miles – the length of the African country they are to visit – and a series of car boot sales.

Pupils will also be raising money through their own initiatives as the trip will cost a six-figure sum.

It will be the fifth overseas trip undertaken by West Hall who last year visited Uganda for a second time. They have also been to Kenya and Borneo.

The trips began in 2009 and are held every two years. Andy Carty, one of four members of staff who will be on the four-week trip, describes them as “life-changing experiences”.

Andy says the visit to Tanzania, the largest country in East Africa, will build on the strong links the school have forged through previous expeditions, with the disadvantaged communities of Kenya, Borneo and Uganda.

It will be a four-week expedition, including community development work, a wildlife conservation project and a three-day trek in the Usambara mountain region.

The core objectives of this expedition are to undertake projects to:

• Raise the educational standards of developing communities within rural districts of Tanzania.

• Build, renovate and teach in local primary schools.

• Raise the living standards of developing communities within that area.

• Assist with on-going wildlife and marine conservation programmes.

• Help preserve biodiversity and protect vulnerable habitats in national parks and conservation areas.

Pupils on last year’s trip to Uganda

Andy said: “This expedition is extremely important to these young people and will place them in situations that cannot be replicated in the classroom, providing them with opportunities to develop skills that will be valuable to them in many areas of their lives.

“They will be able to contribute to very rewarding and important community and wildlife projects that will allow them to take on new challenges and gain a better understanding of what they can achieve individually and in a team.

“The young people, with the support of school staff and their parents, are working hard to raise the money needed to make this trip a success.

“Support for the fundraising events and any contribution to the cost, raffle prizes or services would be gratefully received by the boys.”

Andy added one of the positive spin off from previous trips is that a number of other pupils have undertaken work for other charities.


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