Make Willow Wood your resolution this New Year

IT is the start of 2018, and the time when we make our New Year’s resolutions.

Volunteer manager Mandy (standing) with reception volunteers David and Carole

Two which seem to be at the top of many people’s lists are making new friends and doing something good for the community.

Willow Wood can help you succeed in keeping these – become part of their wonderful team of volunteers.

You could decide to join their busy retail division, either in one of the conveniently located shops or cafes, as part of the online sales team, as one of the volunteer delivery drivers, or helping in the busy distribution centre.

You could join their receptionists and become the first face people see when visiting Willow Wood. You could become part of the fundraising team, helping organise or run events.

Whatever path you choose you’ll know that you’ll be with like-minded, friendly people with the same aims and values – helping others in your community.

If your time is already committed, there are many other ways that you can help to do something good.

Think about making a donation to the retail division when you sort out your wardrobe or buy new household goods.

They have eight high street shops, and a thriving online sales department where they sell a wide range of goods though Ebay, Amazon and the specialist online record store Discogs.

The PAD in Stalybridge and the shop on Oldham Road in the Waterloo area of Ashton sell furniture, so if you’re buying a new dining table, sofa or other item, think of Willow Wood and donate rather than dump your old furniture if it is in a good, saleable condition.

This year, it has taken £2.3million to enable Willow Wood to care for the thousands of local people who pass through its doors, and these costs will only increase.

You could help by taking part in one of the fundraising events. Whether diving with sharks or skydiving is on your bucket list, or you prefer something more sedate such as a cream tea or coffee morning, or a great family fun event like the Bubble Rush or Monster March, they have something you’ll enjoy.

Keep in touch with upcoming events on social media or their website: www.willowwood.infoYou can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates.


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