Shining bright at Stalybridge Celtic

STALYBRIDGE Celtic floodlights are shining bright after a third of the 24 bulbs were replaced at a cost of about £1,600.

Peter Taylor (left) and Gordon Greenwood at work on the floodlights

All six bulbs on one pylon and two on another were replaced as local electrical contractor Peter Taylor, a lifelong Celtic fan, supervised the operation.

The 18m floodlight pylons were lowered using a £2,500 hydraulic power unit recently bought for the club by Stalybridge Celtic Supporters’ Association.

In the past the club had to hire a contractor each time they needed to replace floodlights, but now the work can be done in-house.

Club member Gordon Greenwood said: “We usually have to change bulbs two, three or four times a season so it will soon pay for itself.

“It is a long-term investment and quite a sight to see it working.”

The hydraulic power unit was designed by Bob Rhodes, from Stalybridge Celtic Supporters’ Association.


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