£40,000 boost to help find a cure for Florence

Fundraising for Florence

MORE than £40,000 has been raised by a determined mum as she battles to find a cure for her three-year-old daughter’s life-limiting illness.
Jenny Croce launched the ‘Fundraising for Florence’ campaign after her toddler was diagnosed with Late-infantile Gangliosidosis (GM1) in November 2016.
The disorder, which affects just one person in 250,000, progressively destroys nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord and currently has no known cure.
However, doctors in Alabama, America have found a cure in cats and it is hoped clinical trials on humans can take place soon – possibly including Florence.
So, Jenny has set about fundraising to help make the trials a reality, and the family made a trip last October to meet Professor Martin, who found the cure, at Auburn University.
Jenny explained: “America was wonderful! We got to meet the beautiful Bragg family who have Clara who is also three and has Late Infantile GM1.
“We also met Professor Martin who has found a cure for GM1 in cats. He met him, his students and the cats he had cured.
“He is working on a clinical trial hoping to be sometime this year but is all dependent on funding.
“But if the trial were to go ahead and if Florence were well enough she may be picked to take part. This of course is all ifs and buts, but it still gives me hope.”
Some of the money raised is also being spent on supporting and caring for Florence, who attends Oakdale Special Needs School full time on a nursery placement.
The condition has already taken her ability to walk and talk, and will next take her sight, hearing, mobility and swallowing, and possibly her life around the age of ten.
But determined Jenny is doing everything she can to make life better for Florence and her older brother Riccardo.
“Part of the money gets sent to America to support the trials and part pays for extra private support Florence had such as cranial osteopath, homeopath and a chiropractor,” she explained.
“I’m currently moving to a dorma bungalow which is more adaptable for Florence so the money will help with adaptions.
“Also part of the money is used to create beautiful memories for Florence and Riccardo.
“Her diagnosis had totally turned my world upside down, but I’m determined to do everything I possibly can to make her life the best it can be.”
Donations can be made into charity boxes for the GM1 foundation in many shops in Stalybridge, and Jenny along with her family and friends are taking on fundraising challenges.
Jenny is doing a parachute jump at Easter, will take part in the Manchester 10k in May and there will be a classical music evening in the summer.
At Christmas Nicola from Florence and Amelias raffled off a beautiful rocking horse and raised more than £3,000, and 360 Fitness collected £1,000 through a bootcamp and a raffle, while a coffee morning in Denton arranged by a friend Elaine raised more than £1,000.
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