Invaluable volunteers help keep Willow Wood running

WILLOW Wood couldn’t exist without their wonderful team of over 650 volunteers.

Willow Wood Volunteer

One of the largest groups in the retail division has around 230 volunteers who help to sort, steam, press, price, label, stock the shelves and work on the tills.
With their help Willow Wood’s shops bring in a large percentage of the £2.3million needed to maintain their care work.
One committed member of this incredible team is Donna Fitton, who works at the Waterloo shop.
She said: “I’ve been doing voluntary work since I was 14 years old.
“I’ve always loved giving my time to help in various ways for different organisations.
“When I heard that the Ashton Waterloo shop was asking for volunteers I went with my friend to see if I could help in any way.
“I love working at the shop, dealing with the customers and getting to know the regulars.
“I work in the shop and the cafe. The atmosphere in the shop is excellent. We all have good working relationships and enjoy one another’s company.
“From sorting the shelves to making cappuccinos it’s a varied day when you are in the shop at Waterloo.
“We are all working for one thing – to promote the amazing work that Willow Wood does.
“My gorgeous friend sadly died in the hospice, so I’m doing the voluntary work for her too.
“I look forward to volunteering with a huge smile on my face because I know my little bit is a tiny piece of the jigsaw that makes Willow Wood.
“If someone said “what do you get out of volunteering?”, I would say a feeling of achievement, lots of laughs and smiles, friendships and a massive bag of satisfaction.”
Although Donna works at the Waterloo shop, the camaraderie and commitment is the same at all of their eight shops.
If you could see yourself helping in this way call into your local shop, download a volunteer application form or ring volunteer manager Mandy McDermott on 0161 330 1100 – they would love to hear from you.

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