Record numbers at archery championship

A RECORD entry of 47 took part in Stalybridge Archery Club’s annual indoor championships.


Record numbers for the archery Championship

Longdendale High School, one of the only local venues large enough to safely accommodate the archers, targets and equipment, was transformed into a range for the day.

The competition, involving shooting 60 arrows at a 60cm target face from a distance of 20 yards and archers shot the bow of their choice ranging from the Olympic/recurve bow, the highly engineered and accurate compound bow to the ancient art of the longbow – shooting traditional wooden arrows.

Competition was intense, but always tempered with good humour.

There were some excellent scores recorded by both the senior and junior members, and their trophies and medals were well earned.

The senior winners were: women’s longbow, Cath Ridehalgh; men’s longbow, Steve Watts; men’s compound, Linden McClusky; women’s recurve, Erin Mayer; men’s recurve, Steve Mayer; men’s barebow, Steve Giblin; novice, Paul Hardy; handicap, Andy Wardle.


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Juniors: girls’ recurve, Fearne Hinchliffe; boys’ recurve, Thomas Whettam; boys’ compound, Andrew Bardsley; boys longbow, Jack Lear; boys’ barebow William Lear; handicap, Daniel Barton.

At the end of the championships, long-serving Margaret Shorrock was awarded the Captain’s Trophy that is given to a member for their outstanding contribution over the previous year.

Margaret, affectionately known as ‘Big Moma’, organises the beginners’ courses and is responsible for the junior club.

This is a reflection of her tireless work over many years to secure the club’s high reputation within the wider archery community.

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