Local elections 2018: The Results

Tameside went to the polls on May 3 to elect their local councillors. Here is how they voted, with more interviews to follow shortly:


Stalybridge South

Liam Billington (Cons): 1233 – ELECTED

Jennifer Brayne (Stalybridge Town): 582

Katy Flanagan (Lab): 834

Amanda Hickling (Green): 106

Turnout: 32 per cent


Stalybridge North

Sam Gosling (Lab): 1123 – ELECTED

Lee Stafford (Stalybridge Town): 666

Hugo Wils (Communist): League 6

Dave Tilbrook (Cons): 831

Laura Dias de Almeida (Green): 105

Turnout: 29 per cent



Eleanor Wills (Lab): 1146 – ELECTED

Linda Freeman (Green): 132

Dave Tate (Stalybridge Town): 696

Les Browning (Cons): 622

Turnout: 29.5 per cent



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