Positive start for newly-formed Stalybridge Town party at local elections

STALYBRIDGE Town is here to stay was the unequivocal message after the newly-formed party polled almost 2,000 votes in the three local wards at the local government elections.

Eleanor Wills (Lab)

Formed only six weeks before the elections, Stalybridge Town’s policy was solely to campaign on local issues.

Dave Tate, one of the party’s founders and its media/communications officer, said: “To get just short of 2,000 votes is one hell of a voice.

“We are definitely here to stay and create a voice for Stalybridge and Dukinfield. Now we know we are being heard, we can shout louder and will be more organised next year when will again fight all three wards.”

Dave added Stalybridge Town was nothing to do with national politics, but local issues as their one and only objective is to improve the town. Our problems have been ignored for a long time.

He continued: “Since the elections everybody we have spoken to have all been positive and by their comments you would have thought we had won.

“Almost 2,000 people backed our party and we must make sure we work for these people.

“I think the message to Tameside Council is they cannot ignore Stalybridge and Dukinfield anymore.

“There are 12,000 people signed up to the Stalybridge Town Facebook page that has brought big local issues to the forefront.

Sam Gosling (Lab)

“We aren’t interested in politics, but we have all to work together for the good of Stalybridge and Dukinfield.

Dave added they contested the elections with a team of only 10 people, but since the election there has been applications to join the party and other offers of help.

Stalybridge Town finished runners-up in Dukinfield/Stalybridge ward where they polled more votes than the Conservative candidate.

And they were also a strong third in both Stalybridge North and South.

Labour retained Stalybridge North that includes Carrbrook, Heyrod and Ridge Hill. Sam Gosling is the new councillor as he replaced Kevin Welsh who retired after 23 years as a ward representative.

Conservative Dave Tilbrook was runner-up while Lee Stafford, from Stalybridge Town party, was third.

In Stalybridge South, that included Millbrook, Liam Billington held the seat for the Conservatives as he replaced the retiring Basil Beeley who stood down after 12 years.

Labour’s Katy Flanagan was runner-up and Jennifer Brayne, from Stalybridge Town third.


Liam Billington (Cons)


  • Eleanor Wills (Lab): 1146
  • Dave Tate (Stalybridge Town): 696
  • Les Browning (Cons): 622
  • Linda Freeman (Green): 132
  • Turnout: 29.5 per-cent

Stalybridge South

  • Liam Billington (Cons) 1,233
  • Katy Flanagan (Lab) 834
  • Jennifer Brayne (Staly Town) 582
  • Amanda Hickling (Greens) 106
  • Turnout 32 per-cent

Stalybridge North

  • Sam Gosling (Lab) 1,123
  • Dave Tilbrook (Cons) 831
  • Lee Stafford (Staly Town) 666
  • Laura Dias de Almeida (Greens) 105
  • Hugo Wils (Communist League) 6
  • Turnout 29 per-cent


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