Schools issue social media appeals in a bid to repoen

Words by Gemma Carter

THREE schools in Tameside affected by the ongoing moorland fire have today issued appeals on social media in a bid to reopen tomorrow.

Buckton Vale, Millbrook and St Raphael’s Primary Schools in Stalybridge say they need specialist air conditioning equipment and fans in order for them to open their doors to pupils on Monday morning.

All three were forced to close after flames and smoke engulfed moorland close to their sites after advice and information from Public Health England.

In a statement, which was echoed by counterparts at Millbrook, the headteacher of Buckton Vale, Mrs Brown said:

“I spoke to a number of people involved in supporting the situation in Carrbrook.

“I understand a few of you asked why Bright Futures opened on Friday and we did not. Bright Futures have managed to hire an air conditioning unit.

“Unfortunately, despite many attempts, I have been unable to do this. We would need quite a few to keep us cool enough, with windows and doors closed.

“If you have any contacts who have access to air conditioning units or large fans we need your help.

“We are waiting to hear if windows and doors can be opened. If the message from Public Health England remains the same we will not be able to open school again.”

Parents are advised to monitor social media feeds for further information.

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