Six weeks to fix Stamford Golf Club burst water main

UNITED Utilities have been accused of wasting water at a time when they are asking consumers to conserve it in the current drought.

Officials at Stamford Golf Club, Carrbrook, cannot believe it took more than six weeks to fix the burst main that has flooded the sixth hole.

“Hundreds of thousands of litres of water must have been wasted at a time when our members are receiving texts asking them to save water by taking no more than four minutes when taking a shower,” explained honorary secretary David Salisbury.

“The chief executive from United Utilities was at the moorland fires saying the situation was under control, but asking people to be careful and to save water.

“He ought to have walked half a mile down the road to see the water that is being wasted.”

Golf club trustee Barry Matthews added a stream on the course is usually dry at this time of year, but water is flowing, even in the drought.

It was back on May 28 that head greenkeeper John Hinman reported the burst, but they received no reply.

They reported it for a second time on June 3 and an engineer visited the golf club on June 7.

He identified the source of the burst on the edge of the sixth hole and yards from Huddersfield Road.

A blue post was driven into the ground and the engineer said they would be back to fix the burst.

However, it was not until Monday, July 9 that workmen turned up to start repair work – and they were left sitting in their van for the day awaiting the arrival of a digger.

Barry added with each passing day the flooding became worse and it covered the entire width of the sixth fairway and was about 10 metres in length, making it impossible for golfers to access the green.

Greenstaff have had to construct a temporary path to the green made up of winter tee blocks.

Barry said: “The water is not standing, but flowing across the golf course. We are thankful it is water and not a sewage pipe.

“It has put extra pressure on the greenstaff and, once the repairs are completed, it will take a long time for the ground to dry.”

John was recently pictured standing ankle deep in water and Barry added golfers were unable to retrieve balls.

“We have a rule for casual water on the course, but there is no way golfers can retrieve balls when they land in the middle of the affected area,” explained Barry.

It is thought the burst pipe is one of two from Buckton Vale Water Treatment Works. One carries ‘raw’ water and the other once it has been purified.

United Utilities were asked for a comment on July 9, but had not replied by the time the paper went to print.

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