Roe Cross Green closure confirmed

Words by Gary Carter

A STALYBRIDGE business is to close after plans to build houses on the site were approved.

Roe Cross Green’s tea room will shut its doors on Saturday and everything in it is for sale – including tables, chairs, plates, cups and even its chandeliers.

Confirmed: Roe Cross Green is set to close its doors

The shop that operates underneath will remain open until the start of next month but eventually that too will close after the development scheme that will see six houses built was given the go ahead by Tameside Council.

Permission for what is described as ‘demolition of the existing cafe/restaurant building and erection of six x 2.5 storey (Accommodation within roof space), detached, four bedroom dwellings, including alterations to the existing site access/egress and provision of associated hard and soft landscaping’ was given.

However several stipulations were placed on the applicants, Trinity Property Solutions, who are based at the site of the former pub at the top of Mottram Road.

Nonetheless, the business has announced it will be closing in a statement on Facebook.

It said: “We would like to thank all our loyal and regular customers for their visits to us over the past three-and-a-half years, you have been amazing and we have had some great times with you!

“But it is with a sad and heavy heart that we have to announce that Roe Cross Green will be closing at the beginning of Sept 2018.

“We are starting our closing down sale today and everything must go, apart from our shop that includes items from the kitchen and restaurant (tables, chairs, our gorgeous chandeliers, plates, cups etc – larger items can be collected by arrangement).

“The restaurant will continue to serve food until Sat 18/08/2018 and the shop will remain open for the closing down sale until the beginning of Sept.

“So come and visit and pick up some great bargains!! Open Wed – Sunday from 10am.

Since closing as a pub, the Roe Cross was turned into Roe Cross Green, which opened in 2014.

The Roe Cross Inn was built in 1616 and owned by the Hollingworth family. It is even believed to be a site where Bonnie Prince Charlie set up camp.

It was also believed to be haunted, including the ghost of Mary Hollingworth of the aristocratic family.

8 Replies to “Roe Cross Green closure confirmed”

  1. Hi we have an afternoon tea voucher…it was a gift. What happens to that? It’s a shame you are closing.


  2. I’m absolutely disgusted!! I can’t believe Tameside council have agreed to this lovely and very old building being knocked down. I have known this place all my life and have spent many great times in there while it was a pub and recently in the tea room. More houses and then more cars, as if Mottram isn’t congested enough! Very sad

  3. Tameside council like to knock down all buildings that are nice, of historical importance or important to the local community. Just to build houses! They need to take a serious look at what they are doing to local communities and buildings of importance. Councils are supposed to work for the people. Next will be the beautiful Hyde library… such a shame.

  4. Knocking down another historic building for more new houses, disgusting! 0ne after another these days, hyde Clarendon college was such a shock! The councillors must have a vested interest, approved plans should include the building on site be flats or houses.

  5. It’s a terrible shame this is going ahead, a building with such a depth of local history should be saved for future generations. Places like this add character and value. It’s been there since 1616 – it’s seen the end of the Monarchy, Civil War, The Restoration, The Jacobite Rebellion (Bonny Prince Charlie or no). It was there through the start and the end of the Industrial Revolution, the First and Second World wars. People are talking of trivial things like the price of beer there, this is an iconic structure. As is Hyde Library, as Sammy says above. It’s probably too late to save The Roe Cross, it’s definitely too late to Save Hyde Grammar, but Hyde Library has a chance. I have started a petition to save Hyde Library – please check out FB to sign, search for Hyde Library Petition – thank you.

  6. Can I suggest that everyone who opposed the planning application (we certainly did) write to Tameside Planning and Building Control as follows:
    Planning and Building Control,
    Council Offices,
    Wellington Road
    OL6 6DL
    Re: Demolition of Roe Cross Green (formerly the Roe Cross Public House) and housing development on the site.

    Dear Sir,
    I note the recent activity at this location, namely a closing down sale prior to the demolition of the existing 17th Century building and its redevelopment as a development of six (non-affordable) executive-type homes.
    I must say that this decision has caused considerable local anger in terms of yet another historic and valuable building being sacrificed. One can only wonder at how such a sad decision was reached.
    It would be of considerable interest to many if the following questions could be answered, by means of a Freedom of Information request, as follows:
    1. As one of the local residents to receive a form from yourselves in order to raise any objections to the plan: how many objections to the demolition of the existing building and the subsequent redevelopment were received?

    2. Was the age (404 years) and history of the building taken into account when considering the application? Why was this aspect not considered important?

    3. When the Planning committee voted on the application, what was the number of votes cast to (a) grant and (b) refuse the application?
    Interest in the fate of this valuable building is being expressed locally, and there may even be wider interest in how this decision was reached. I would, therefore value the benefit of an early reply to these questions.

    Yours sincerely.

    Paul White

  7. We are devastated that such a historic building and landmark is being demolished….how sad that planners are letting this happen . There will be no beautiful buildings left . For a good solid historic building to be demolished to make way for expensive houses is a crime.. This building should have been given Grade 1 listed building status .

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