Leanne’s weight loss gives her chance to play football again

A nursery nurse from Stalybridge who joined Slimming World in 2016 after settling for just wearing her football shirt to watch the match is now playing football once more.

Leanne Mansfield, 29, has lost 4st 1lb and was presented winner of Woman of the Year 2017 and 2018 as voted by members of her local Slimming World group.

She will now go forward to the regional competition in September when she will be bidding to qualify for the nationals.

Leanne became a member shortly after a relationship break-up and feeling the worst she had ever done about her weight.

She said: “I lost a lot of confidence; I was a friend who cancelled last minute because I’d just looked in the mirror and felt sick at what I saw. I used to drink on a night out until I forgot what I looked like.”

Leanne realised her weight loss journey was about how she could achieve all the feelings she wanted to feel.

She learned how to cook her favourite meals while still losing weight, and she hit the road running and began to lose more weight each week.

Leanne added Slimming World has completely changed, explaining: “I can relax and have fun.

“I am now that girl who feels confident in not just my clothes but also my skin and mind.

“I am the girl who looks forward to getting ready for a night out and feels excited at trying on new clothes.”

Leanne felt nervous on her first visit to Slimming World but was soon at ease when greeted by both a friendly consultant and a room full of smiling members.

Leanne is even a member of the social team, greeting and inspiring members every single week.

She said: “Not a single week goes by that I would ever contemplate missing group as it has contributed to the best journey I could ever hope to have been a part of.

“Attending group and getting support from my new friends and fellow members is the best thing I did.

“I feel like I’m not alone and there’s always a room full of friendly faces offering support, encouragement and understanding but best of all there’s lots of laughs combined with great weight loss.”

Leanne thought getting to her target weight was something she could never achieve along with dropping four dress sizes, all while watching her family change their lifestyles too.

Not only this but her health has benefited immensely. A few years ago Leanne broke her back in an accident resulting in chronic pain but is pleased to say her weight loss has helped a great deal with managing her back pain.

This even meant Leanne was able to re-join the sport she’s always loved – football – and she has played for her local ladies’ football team.

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