Landlord fights on in doorway row

A STALYBRIDGE landlord has been blocked in his bid to prevent members of the public urinating and leaving excrement in the doorway of his property on Market Street.

Dave Quinn, who owns the building where tanning and beauty business Eye Candy operates from, wants to move the recessed doorway to make it level with the street.

Eye Candy’s doorway next to Deli Felice

But Tameside Council’s planning committee has rejected the application on the grounds that the shop is in a conservation area.

That cuts no ice with Dave who is appealing, with the hearing set for November 14.

He said: “I want to spend £5,000 of my own money on a new window and door to improve the frontage.

“I have owned the building about 10 years and from day one have had issues with people urinating and leaving excrement in the doorway.

“I have put up gates, but they look an eyesore and people still throw things behind them.”

Dave is frustrated by the “inconsistencies” in planning control on Market Street pointing out there are roller doors elsewhere.

He explained: “There is a lovely shop next door (Deli Felice) and they have been allowed to bring out their door to the street.

“What they have done looks attractive and is great. I just want to do the same.

Cllr Liam Billington

“Deli Felice have spent a lot of money and have attracted so much more business to the street.

“I want to do the same and improve my frontage to help attract new custom.”

Cllr Liam Billington, who represents Stalybridge South, has taken up the case and is supporting Dave with his appeal.

He said: “Dave has been told he can have a Georgian window, but cannot lose the doorway.

“All he wants is the same style as Deli Felice, something I cannot see affecting the heritage of the town.”

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